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What Do We Do?

Fr. Prisci at La Sierrita

migrant information

teaching migrants to make the best possible decisions

  • web-based 
  • shelter-based 
  • agency-based 

migrant safety

providing resources to shelters and others who help migrants

  • information/referral
  • material resources

migrant advocacy

working with media, academics, elected leaders, public officials

Joining the Struggle

the migrant trail in Mexico

Hosting six United Methodist bishops in Altar, Sonora, Mexico.  Tours can be arranged in locations from Guatemala to Sonora.  Participants can visit migrant shelters and government agencies.

the migrant trail in United States

Participants can view the migrant trails, camps, Border Patrol infrastructure, operations, facilities, and get an overview of the migration.  


I travel to universities, conferences, study groups, and events, to make presentations, give lectures, facilitate group discussions, and sign books.


Congregations are one of the most important forums for discussing major social issues.  I make presentations, preach, guide discussions.  


Shelters need money, blankets, health kits, toiletries, prepaid phone cards, socks, shoelaces...there is no end to what they can use. 


Working with elected officials, public administrators, and community leaders, we can ameliorate many of the effects of bad US policies.


Contact Us

please visit when in Tucson

housing and other services available


2250 west Painted Sunset Circle, Tucson, AZ 85745, US

(520) 360-7818